2019 Ford F-150 Offers Special Features to Maker Towing Easier

Pickup trucks like the 2019 Ford F-150 are popular across the country for their impressive versatility. From off-road travels to pickup bed payloads, trucks can help with a wide range of tasks. However, one may stand out as the most prominent: towing.

Trucks are uniquely equipped for trailering duties with their body-on-frame designs, high-strength materials, and brawny engine options. Ford goes a step further with the 2019 F-150, offering an array of modern features specifically designed to make trailer duty more convenient.

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New Ford Super Duty Arrives Later in 2019 with Added Gas V8 Powertrain Option

Ford is constantly looking for ways to improve upon its wide array of new models. This sentiment rings true, especially among Ford trucks. Drivers expect their pickups to live up to the ever-evolving tasks that come their way -- Ford aims to produce trucks that can handle those tasks. That's clearly the case with the redesigned Ford Super Duty series that's set to arrive later this year.



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